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I didn't much like "Blockade Billy" the first time I read it, but when I came back to it via this book, I enjoyed it a lot more. I think I had expectation issues with that one, for whatever reason. This time, though, I noticed how much fun King was having. Good stuff! I also read "Mister Yummy" tonight and loved it. I think the fun King is having really does sell "Blockade Billy," you're right.

Excellent overview over at your site. Interesting to see the ones we differ on this one, but seems we both rank it as one of the best of King's story collections. Yeah, definitely. It doesn't quite have the old-school horror that put "Night Shift" and "Skeleton Crew" at the top for me, but just on a pound-for-pound, story-for-story basis, it's up there.

Question: did you feel like the nonfictional interjections helped or hurt the collection overall? You're right about them not really offering all that much new. I went back and forth on whether I thought they were effective or not.

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I wouldn't say they hurt, but they weren't my favorites. The 'come-expect-my-wares' thing worked for me, but it didn't strike me as new ground. Did it need to be? Not really. They were big up there - often beautiful - but they were still only shadows thrown by light. Maybe the Ur-worlds were like that, too.

Zamperoni and SK, some questions etc. Stephen King asked if we wanted to hear a new story that comes in his mind in the horrific Paris trafifc, crazy People. Usually they're better if they just stay inside but I just love this concept.

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Basic Teachings of the Great Philosophers by S.

An entire precis of the perspectives of an important philosophers in Western civilization. Read e-book online Automate the boring stuff with python: If you have ever spent hours renaming records or updating s of spreadsheet cells, you understand how tedious projects like those could be. In Automate the dull Stuff with Python, you are going to how one can use Python to write down courses that do in mins what may take you hours to do via hand—no previous programming event required.

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Sealed In A Grave 5. Slave Of Fear 7. Sing The Sorrow [F]. Alborada De Vigo 2. None of the many digital reproductions which have come out over the years have done anything to change that, although the 'Deluxe Edition' included a 2nd disc of Live Camel from the period which was quite cool indeed. Now, while the two copies have Not to mention expensive If you know and love this music, take out that second mortgage. This product will only be in print about 6 months if I'm interpreting the information on the Obi-strip correctly.

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  8. If you've never heard this music, I envy your position in time. Yes, I will admit it: I am a Camelaholic. After Moonmadness Camel opened up their revolving door of band members, and the band was never the same, never as good as the original.

    But you get the band at their pinnacle here: The sound is superb, especially on headphones. One person found this helpful. Nice, "new" gr pressing from "Music on Vinyl" I'm kind of bummed at that. The additional demos and live recordings are a I've been a big Camel fan for years but only recently discovered this Deluxe set. I couldn't be happier. The additional demos and live recordings are a great addition to my collection. Great album benefitted by bonus tracks. Overall, a great listening experience. One of my top 10 favorite classic prog rock albums by one of my favorite artists! Now remastered and sounds better than ever!

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    Must have for prog rock fans. Great live performance worth the acquisition of this Deluxe Edition alone.

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