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Specializes in:. Materials Plastics, Ceramics, etc. KudoZ activity PRO. Before this piece I generally wrote for unusual combinations of instruments, and I wasn't sure what to do with this archetypically classical combination. Most of his playing that day accompanied song or dance, until finally the well-meaning hostess announced that Kyaw Kyaw would play a solo, no singer and no dance, "just a piece of typical music.

Ngaben for Sari Club is for full Balinese gamelan and western orchestra and was written in response to the Bali terrorist bombing of October 12, I had just begun working on a very different type of piece for gamelan and orchestra, but the printed images of Balinese women crying and praying at the blast site overwhelmed me.

Suddenly, musical cross-culturalism meant something far different than it had. The ngaben cremation is the last and most important life ritual in Balinese Hinduism. Loss is acknowledged but subsumed by the far more important task of releasing the soul from the body. The procession itself is serious, chaotic and circuitous: the raised, highly ornamented sarcophagus is spun violently at all intersections so as to confuse evil spirits. The subsequent burning frees the soul to await its next incarnation.

Intrigante e segreto (Italian Edition)

This Ngaben follows the same course, with these two sections fused together by a central kebyar, the highly charged, ametric-but-synchronous tutti which characterizes modern Balinese music. As with Balinese temple rituals, the musicians fill the room—the strings envelop the gamelan on the stage, while the winds are arrayed across the balcony, behind the audience.

Kebyar is often translated as a blossoming or lightning flash, but it also means 'explosion. This piece, a response to the violence which starts this century, is a small offering in the hope that the east-west exchange will continue undaunted. The electronic elements are combined with traditional instruments like bagpipes, flutes, dulcimer and percussion.

e-book Intrigante e segreto (Italian Edition)

The absolute hit is 'Terrae', with an addictive beat, a wavy keyboard sound and a catchy refrain. It reminds me a bit of some material by Argine. Musicextreme This band is extremely original. At first they sounded to me like some sort of medieval sounding project. But after some minutes the band shows that they go beyond all styles using electronic beats to contrast with the vocals that have that ancient feeling in them. And this contrast is the essence of O Quam Tristis music.

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The vocals here are in Latin language adding also some medieval feeling to the music. There is good musicianship here as can be seen on the multiple melodies and arrangements that each track has. So, lovers of dulcimers, flutes and bagpipes should check this band but you have to listen with an open mind because of this huge contrast of styles that are combined by O Quam Tristis.

The French quintet comprises three men and two women, and I really like the fact that their music features both male and female vocals. All-male vocals would swiftly become monotonous and wearisome - altogether too much like a real monastic choir - whereas using only female singers would be too fey and ethereal for my tastes. The combination of the two, however, allows O Quam Tristis to ring the changes arf, arf!

Male and female vocalists take turns in providing leads and backing vocals. The arrangements of the album combine authentic early instruments such as bagpipes, flute, tambourine and dulcimer with electronic keyboards, guitar and bass, but the music is firmly subordinated to the vocals throughout. If I might be allowed a minor moan unrelated to the album itself though, the 'Chronicles' section of the O Quam Tristis website has a background so dark that it's impossible to read the text without highlighting it - surely some mistake!

I can't guarantee that this album doesn't contain subliminal backwards messages urging you to go to church and confess your sins, but it's worth talking the risk. They have a refreshingly original take on the neo-medieval template, and this bunch of funky monks and nuns will have you rocking around the cloisters like an ergot-intoxicated peasant in a Breughel painting.

Darklifezine Third long-play effort by O Quam Tristis , a French combo devoted at resurrecting medieval and liturgical music and render it in a contemporary context. Following on the tradition of the likes of Qntal , they make a good effort in integrating fitting electronic elements into the ancient tradition, side by side to traditional instruments, while their most upfront trait is polyphonic vocal arrangements featuring harmoniously integrated male and female tones, and a pinch for catchiness to boot.

Featuring members of Collection D'Arnell Andrea , O Quam Tristis might as well earn the tag of electronic-pop-ethereal-folk, and tracks like Terrae are exemplar of this, with their the dancefloor-bound backbeat, hooking melodic vocals and up-lifting flute passages. In fact, most of the hour-long Meditations Ultimes is well suited to the dark dancefloor of historical connotations, as its mainly sustained BPM count states quite clearly. I suppose a bit of extra work on the percussive sounds or the addition of live percussion could lift the overall arrangements a tier up, but as it stands, one could only praise this work, not least for not budging to on-going trends.

O Quam Tristis bring the far past forward up to today, with competence and a light heart.

The message is an entirely positive one, is breezing and uplifting. It's the light, yet in the tunnel. Et quelles voix!!! ADL — 9,0. The output of Palace of Worms has always been restricted to high quality releases targeted at promoting deserving artists rather than gushing out insignificant releases for profit. Having established such a solid identity as a respectable label Palace of Worms has become a trusted companion to many music lovers.

I was recently fortunate to be included in the Palace of Worms tight circle of allies having recently received three new releases from The Palace of Worms for review consideration. Silent Love of Death is a new music project hailing from Italy. The two appear to be related though I cannot confirm this. Leaden drums and atmospheric keyboards join the guitar and howling electronics to form the songs foundation as a male vocalist begins the tale.

The compositional elements are few and uncluttered and are composed and arranged in an infectious manner. The song builds up from its sluggish beginnings and gains momentum instrumentally and vocally.

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The music and singer surge forward in the middle of the song infusing the composition with passion and energy. The vocal delivery is smooth and voluptuous like Nick Cave 's voice.

The familiar male vocals remain present and now recite a tale of enemies, armed causes, and conflict. The song is dark and slightly martial and is filled with drama and a sense of militancy. Drums and what sounds like a historical speech sample are injected. Guitar is played softly in the background while drums and gloomy atmospherics form the background. The mood is dispirit and glum. Silent Love of Death has fashioned an excellent debut album that is sure to ignite romanticism in many a distraught soul.

Silent Love of Death has unified elements of dark rock, neoclassical and neofolk music into a vigorous amalgam of endearing songs. This is music to play while the sun is setting and casting its warm glow across the horizon or when you feel like spending time alone sipping at a glass of red wine in the dim light of candles. Silent Love of Death has created a praise worthy album of romantic and stirring ballads that will invoke memories of love lost and conquests turned to dust.

Silent Love of Death strongly leans over towards Death in June in some tracks and at other moments it almost sounds gothic. There is nothing shocking going on at this album. The music is beautiful, but the songs go on in the same atmosphere so sometimes boredom peeks around the corner. Yet there is enough happening on this album to listen to it in it's entirety.

Postpunk guitarwork guarantees an indie touch, while in other tracks you will be confronted with exciting martial percussion or yet melancholic piano interludes. This is an album that needs some attention before it starts to grab you and you start to discover it's beauty. Review by Teknoir. De Subjectivisten Caleidoscoop Vroeger in de vleermuizenschool heb ik geleerd dat Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy en Bauhaus de voorvaderen van de gothic en new wave zijn.

Daaruit zijn ook weer dark wave, neofolk en andere duistere stijlen voortgekomen. Daarbij heb je de zwaar bombastische en de meer ingetogen stijlen, waarbij die laatste mijn voorkeur geniet. Nog steeds zijn er nieuwe bands in die genres, die een wat gedateerd geluid laten horen. Hoewel gedateerd? Spanje laat zich nu vertegenwoordigen door Silent Love Of Death. Silent Love Of Death houdt op romantische wijze wel van bombast, maar doseert dit op aangename wijze. Met de gitaren, elektronica, viool, trompet en drums wordt ook goed gevarieerd.

Verder grijpt de Ian Curtis-achtige zang je bij de keel, net als de muziek overigens. Het is donker, imponerend donker zelfs, maar mede daardoor ook zo wonderschoon. Jan Willem Broek Chain D. Romanticism in full effect, from the name itself of the spanish combo to the lyrics and the artwork of the cd. Piano, Keyboards, acoustic guitars, violins, vocals "a la Ian Curtis" and some military rhythms but not yet neo folk. This cd demonstrates decadece and new wave can still get along together very well.

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Listening to the whole cd I noticed it's a bit too long and I think it's sad cause without a few songs "The poet's senses" could have been much more "heartbreaking". Even if every single ballad is really inspired, most of the tracks arrangements could be improved that's a personal opinion. This last thing anyhow has also to do with the fact this cd has been recorded almost three years ago therefore it can be considered a really good debut. Dark-folk traditionalists can put the name Silent Love of Death in their agendas but if you're looking for a Sol Invictus, Blood Axis, Curent 93 oriented band, well you'd better listen the cd a couple of times.

La cupa, magnetica narrazione di Juan Carlos richiama indirettamente la tensione emotiva del compianto Ian Curtis, mentre gli essenziali arrangiamenti di tastiere rievocano spesso e volentieri i fondali opprimenti di Death in June e Sol Invictus.