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Originally drum and bass was mostly sold in inch vinyl single format. With the emergence of drum and bass into mainstream music markets, more albums, compilations and DJ mixes started to be sold on CDs. As digital music became more popular, websites focused on electronic music, such as Beatport , began to sell drum and bass in digital format.

Drum and bass

As of 11 September , Nu Urban ceased trading and RSM Tenon were instructed to assist in convening statutory meetings of members and creditors to appoint a liquidator. This left many labels short on sales, as Nu Urban were one of the main distributors for the vinyl market in the drum and bass scene. Despite its roots in the UK with Fabric being the epicenter of DnB , still treated as the "home" of drum and bass, the style has firmly established itself around the world. DnB is popular in continental Europe. During club season, promoters race between each other to organize better events, often resulting in up to ten parties being held during one weekend, with no more than a two-hour travel between them.

Skillz and mainly the Mainframe record label being all based in or around Vienna. In Ireland, the biggest scene by far is in Dublin, with a night every Sunday by the Initial Kru mostly showcasing local DJ's but occasionally bringing over international guests such as Spirit and Seba. There are much smaller regional scenes in areas such as Limerick, Cork and Galway which usually have monthly nights. Brazilian drum and bass is sometimes referred to as " sambass ", with a specific samba -influenced style and sound made popular by artists like DJ Marky and XRS.

In Venezuela and Mexico, artists have created their own forms of drum and bass, combining it with experimental musical forms. In Colombia, there is a large underground scene. Today, drum and bass is widely promoted using different methods such as video sharing services like YouTube and Dailymotion , blogs , radio , and television , the latter being the most uncommon method.

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More recently, music networking websites such as SoundCloud and Mixcloud have become powerful tools for artist recognition, providing a vast platform that enables quick responses to new tracks. Record labels have adopted the use of podcasts. Prior to the rise of the internet, drum and bass was commonly broadcast over pirate radio.

Fabio and Grooverider previously held a long-standing drum and bass show on Radio 1.

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Radio 1 also had a 'One in the Jungle' show. The network also organizes a week-long tour of the UK each year called Xtra Bass. London pirate radio stations have been instrumental in the development of drum and bass, with stations such as Kool FM which continues to broadcast today having done so since , Origin FM, Don FM the only drum and bass pirate to have gained a temporary legal license , Renegade Radio As of , despite higher profile stations such as 1Xtra scaling back their drum and bass specialist coverage, the genre has made its way into UK top 10 charts with drum and bass inspired tracks from artists such as Rudimental and Sigma.

Earlier in August , before Crissy Criss' show was axed, the BBC held a whole prime time evening event dedicated to showcasing drum and bass by allowing four major labels to participate. The first of these was in The fact that all 6 of these songs have reached number 1 in only two years shows the increase in popularity and commercialisation of the genre in recent years.

Internet radio stations, acting in the same light as pirate stations, have also been an instrumental part in promoting drum and bass music; the majority of them funded by listener and artist donations. In Toronto , The Prophecy on Album Seattle also has a long-standing electronica show known as Expansions on The rotating DJs include Kid Hops, whose shows are made up mostly of drum and bass.

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At the same time WUFM Also, Tulsa, Oklahoma 's rock station, While the aforementioned shows in Ohio rarely play drum and bass, the latter plays the genre with some frequency. In Tucson, Arizona , The best-known drum and bass publication was Kmag magazine formerly called Knowledge Magazine before it went completely online in August Although it's still live, after 20 years Kmag ceased updating their site at the end of Kmag has announced a book to celebrate their 25th anniversary to be published in December Other publications include the longest running drum and bass magazine worldwide, ATM Magazine , and Austrian-based Resident.

London-based DJ magazine has also been running a widely respected drum and bass reviews page since , written by Alex Constantinides, which many followers refer to when seeking out new releases to investigate. In Alex stopped writing the reviews, and they are now contributed by Whisky Kicks. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jungle breakbeat hardcore darkcore techno [1] dub reggae fusion [2] industrial electronica breakbeat avant-funk. Synthesizer drum machine Roland TR sequencer keyboard sampler Electric guitars bass guitar drums personal computer digital audio workstation.

Dubstep UK garage grime. Darkstep hardstep funkstep liquid funk neurofunk techstep drumstep technoid footwork drill 'n' bass. Breakcore digital hardcore raggacore. List of jungle and drum and bass artists drum and bass record labels history of drum and bass junglist breakcore glitch experimental music. Main article: History of drum and bass.

See also: Oldschool jungle. See also: Category:Drum and bass record labels. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Pendulum "Tarantula" One of the few drum and bass tracks regularly played on commercial popular radio.

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Retrieved 29 May Soft Skull Press. Whether they were black or white, these artists reaffirmed drum and bass's place in an African continuum dub, hip hop James Brown, etc Retrieved on 22 November Retrieved 1 June Retrieved 15 February Retrieved 18 August So when I talk about the vibe disappearing from drum and bass, I'm talking about the blackness going as the ragga samples get phased out, the bass loses its reggae feels and becomes more linear and propulsive rather than moving around the beat with a syncopated relation with the drum.

Where intelligent drum and bass suffers from an obsessive-compulsive cleanliness, techstep production is deliberately dirty, all dense murk and noxious drones. Archived from the original on 12 March Retrieved 18 October Archived from the original on 19 October Archived from the original on 10 May Retrieved 6 September Archived from the original on 17 September Archived from the original on 20 April Retrieved 4 September Archived from the original on 25 October Archived from the original on 11 November Retrieved 26 January Archived from the original on 2 November Archived from the original on 11 October Archived from the original on 15 March Red Bull Academy.

They should honor those orders. Damn monopolies…. Dennis V. Think of ordering as an election: retailers vote with their orders, but they are competing against the possibility of nothing. They either get a book, or get end up with nothing.

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This time, nothing won. People rant about distribution problems and unfairness, when they refuse to look at their own product and figure out what went wrong there. Too many people like the rush of walking into a comic shop, seeing their floppy on the shelf a couple of books down from X-Men.

Diamond rarely, if ever, has to cancel an item from them based on sales, because those companies manage to meet the minimum. We see the charts here every month, and the lower selling books Vertigo comes to mind , selling around 8, copies, are still hitting that bench.

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Thanks guys-Hey look we got back in Previews. I guess they saw the actual book and had this to say: Sept. The entire industry went on rolling without giving it a second glance, and like many small press books it nearly slipped into obscurity without reaching the core readers in our hobby. But when a copy of it made its way across my desk, I knew from first glance it was something special that people needed to see.

Steve Mannion has created a character that has the moxie of The Goon, the audacity of Mr. Monster, and the looks of Angelina Jolie. Maybe I'm going colourblind or maybe it's becoming more prevalent — either way, I'm spotting more and more panda dials out there on wrists. Actually, who am I trying to kid — it's definitely a trend, a flow-on from the overwhelming vintage onslaught that has dominated watch design over the last decade or so. In case you're not au fait with the nomenclature, a panda dial refers to a white dial with black sub-dials resembling, you know, a panda.

With that in mind, here are eight of the best … The Rolex Daytona ref. We knew it was coming. To paraphrase former PM Paul Keating, this is the upgrade we had to have. But before we dive into sorry, can't help it what makes this watch special, a quick update for those not up to date with the news from Biel. Last year, at what would be their last Baselworld, Omega announced a major upgrade to the genuinely iconic Seamaster Diver M, AKA the James Bond watch, with an evolved, refined case, a new dial and a host of other crowd-pleasing bells and whistles.

For me this watch….

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I know, it's a horrible prospect, and one that we don't really want to seriously consider, but you know what, it makes an excellent proposition for a hypothetical, something that flies around the office a fair bit. Only this time, I took some notes … Nick's choice — Cartier Why? Cartier looks good in any situation, and they've got a very consistent design language. On top of that, the brand has an incredible amount of history, and the depth and variety that comes with that. And for me that means I'm confident that there's a Cartier out there that suits….

There are few things that high-end watch brands love more than a certification of quality. Some, like COSC, are industry-wide standards, while others much like the movement are strictly an in-house affair. The Patek Philippe Seal is one such certification. The new Patek Philippe Seal dramatically transcends the original hallmark's notion of quality and perfection.

First of all, it applies to the completely assembled mechanical watch as delivered to its owner; moreover it covers both functional and aesthetic aspects. Every year in watchland we're treated to a fresh crop of heritage reissues — modern interpretations of designs of yore. It's a market category that's grown from a niche inclusion intended to appease the hardcore collectors to a major pillar in many brand catalogues. And while the year is not over yet, we're pretty confident calling the below 10 the best heritage reissues from Dive watches, yes more on that below , but a pitch-perfect take on an….

Travel watches are typically seen as a rough-and-ready affair, a style dominated by hardy steel pieces that often seem to speak a language of adventure rather than luxury.

But honestly, while this reflects a romanticised notion of travel, the reality, especially at the pointy end, is a much more civilised affair. If civilised travel is more your speed, you might be interested in this beautiful Blancpain, which brings dual time utility to Villeret's dressy style. The 40mm red gold case is well-sized, and the double stepped design is sophisticated, as — it must be said — is the movement tech….

There's a lot of discussion out there when it comes to the most recognisable watch design of all time. For many, that design is a Rolex though personally I think the classic Swatch would give it a solid run for its money. The debate really starts to heat up when you ask the question of what model.